Build Trust & Confidence with Ratings, Reviews & Surveys


How often do your customers tell you about their experience? In fact, customers are more energized to pick up the phone and provide feedback when they had a negative experience.

Complaints take center stage for uninitiated feedback. You’ll receive more calls for complaints than kudos and at-ta-boys. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear when a great product or service has been provided more regularly?

Ratings & Reviews

Positive ratings and reviews can greatly impact your business’s ability to attract new customers. Businesses should monitor and engage with all reviews and comments. Thanking a customer for a good rating or review, in addition to addressing a negative rating and review, shows you are engaged and responsive. Negative reviews give you the opportunity to respond in a positive manner and control the conversation.

Encourage Ratings, Reviews & Feedback


of consumers read reviews before making a purchase



of consumers use google reviews



trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations



of all internet users say they post reviews monthly


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