Sounds easy, right?

Sell a product, accept payment and ship…

In some cases it may be just that easy, but in most, it surely isn’t. New ecommerce startups usually forget about customer service, returns, refunds, compliance, blah blah blah. It’s a long list. It’s important to be aware of what is actually needed before jumping in head first with expense and setup.

Use the Ecommerce Readiness Checklist from Print Media Corporation to get a full understanding of what is actually needed at various levels of engagement. Use the checklist to not only prepare for what is applicable to your business setup, but also ensure your on the right path to ecommerce success.

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Customer Experience

Create a cohesive, branded customer experience from start to finish. Map out customer journeys that get results while leaving the customer with a positive, engaged perception of your brand’s products and services. Ask us how to get started.


Several e-commerce solutions are available to create digital catalogs and online shops.  Print Media Corporation asks, listens and learns your business to develop the right solution to fit your business model, target audience and service level objectives.

Payment Solution

Whether you have a current payment provider or in the research phase, choosing a payment solution that meets your needs across all sales outlets is crucial. Ask us about selection, setup and current payment provider integration.