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What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing consists of marketing that existed pre-digital, before the internet.  This includes outdoor advertising, broadcasting, print, direct mail, telemarketing and window displays.  

Billboard Traditional Marketing


Drive down any highway in the US and you will see billboards. Billboards are available in all shapes and sizes in both printed and digital format. Everyone drives – Billboards offer a way to get your message out to the masses (at least the audience driving past your billboard placement). Many businesses benefit from reaching a blanketed, traffic based audience. Exterior ground and building signs, vehicle signs, interior signs and posters, all billboard.


If you still listen to the radio or watch TV vs. streaming services and playlists, you see and hear ads lasting as short as :10 to :30.

Unlike radio where the broadcast is sent without control of what ads play in which car neighborhood or city, television/cable advertising offers control to targeted areas. Both are best suited for consumer based messaging.


All in person business interactions usually involves something printed. Meeting? Business cards are exchanged. Event? Printed signs, brochures, pamphlets and badges. Have dinner? Printed menus, receipts, napkins, wine lists. Print is still alive even with the most recent advancements in digital. Check your mailbox, it’s all print.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

It’s alive and thriving. Everyone gets mail. Direct mail marketing is a great outlet for consumer targeted businesses with service models. Mail order catalogs have taken a massive dive since ecommerce has progressed over the last 5 years. Instead of opening a catalog to order product, you go online to browse and order. Direct mail offers benefits digital can’t. With EDDM programs, direct mail can be targeted and affordable.