What Is An Influencer & What Do They Do?

If you’ve watched a tik tok or YouTube video, you’ve probably noticed that the more popular personalities will take part in product reviews or push products with testimonials. This is known as influencing.

An influencer is an online personality who impacts their followers’ purchasing decisions based on their reputation. They use their online presence, mostly on social media platforms and blogs, to partner with brands they use and create content that advertises products or services of those companies. Influencers are compensated for this service.


of women use social media
for for advice before making a purchase


of consumers depend on
influencer recommendations


How It Works…

If one of your friends posts about spiders in their home and they contacted xx company to spray, and now there are no more webs or spiders, you are more likely to notice spiders in your own environment and the fact that it’s time for a treatment. If you aren’t in a service contract, and need a provider, statistics show you will contact the provider they mentioned because they received a good review and provided a satisfactory experience from someone you know and trust.

Emotional ResponseThe impact of the endorsement increases with visual elements such as images of spiders, a video of moving spiders, or an image or video footage of a massive web. It works because it invokes an emotional response. The response: fear.

Local. Regional. National.

Print Media Corporation will work with you to assess your needs and sources Local, Regional or National Influencers based on those needs. PMC will also negotiate contract terms and fees.

Influencer Marketing has Surpassed Print Marketing

What this means is that brands are undergoing a transition in the ways they spend their marketing budgets. Expensive and inefficient ad buys, such as many of those found in newspapers and magazines, are giving way to influencer marketing. The return on investment in influencer marketing is now far outpacing any traditional medium.

40% of Customers Use Ad-Blocking Technology

More and more Internet users are removing traditional ads from their online experience. In the US ad-blocking usage is 40% on laptops and 15% on mobile, as consumers are tired of being hammered with pop-ups and banners. But influencers are now filling the gap. People aren’t blocking videos from their favorite social media celebrities – in fact, they’re eating up every word they say! Advertising power is shifting to real people and influencers.

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